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CamGuard  Surveillance Towers Cover Isla Vista CA Community

CamGuard’s 25 ft. tall security camera towers have been strategically placed throughout the city near the UC Santa Barbara campus. The portable surveillance units featuring full array cameras, sensors, sounders and strobes, are designed to help deter crime and increase public safety wherever they are placed.
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CamGuard Partners With ShoreTel For IP Telephony

CamGuard has signed an agreement to become a value-added solution provider selling ShoreTel's on-premise Unified Communications solution. With this partnership, CamGuard now offers an expanded seamless environment that lets customers upgrade to an IP phone system... READ MORE

CamGuard Gets John Wayne Airport Wired

CamGuard recently completed the structured cabling at the new Terminal C at John Wayne Airport. The project consisted of over 1,000 drops of Category 6e, with a fiber backbone, 7 IDFs and a MDF.

CamGuard Upgrades Cabling For Ontario City Hall

CamGuard recently provided the structured cabling for the renovation of the existing Ontario City Hall Building. Included was the build-out of a new Data Center with six IDF’s, connected with single-mode and multimode 50 micron fiber optic cabling and voice copper backbone.