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“Call Me Maybe” Is A Thing Of The Past

CamGuard now offers an expanded, seamless environment that lets customers upgrade to an IP phone system, tap into the power of unified communications, connect to remote workers or modernize a contact center quickly.

Why try to manage three or more different contractors to implement the diverse services that most businesses need today? CamGuard assesses your needs and then efficiently merges Security Towers, Video Central Station, Integrated Systems, Structured Cabling and now VoIP Phone System specifications in one interactive, dynamic place. That’s what we call CamGuard ConMERGEnce, bringing all your security, infrastructure and communications needs together – efficiently and affordably.

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CamGuard offers ShoreTel’s Brilliantly Simple, IP Phone system

* IP powerhouse, it deploys, scales, and grows with ease.

* Tap into the power of unified communications...

* Accommodates from 1 to 20,000 phones...

* Support program includes ongoing system maintenance...

* The lowest total cost of ownership and the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

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