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Video Security Towers

We Look Down On Bad Behavior

At 25 feet tall with a full array of cameras and lights, our Video Security Towers can detect and even prevent suspicious or criminal activity which saves you money. Combining local alarms and video surveillance with remote video monitoring, CamGuard towers provide powerful detection, assessment and response capability. Whether your needs are for sixty days or sixty months, our customized video security systems puts you in complete control over your outdoor security options and solutions.

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Height: 25 ft. tall vantage point with full overview.

Cameras: Full array assesses activity and level of risk or intrusion. Allows central station personnel to actively assess the intrusion. 24 hour on-site recording also available.

Sensors: Strategically placed sensors immediately notify central station that there is off-normal activity on the site.

Voice down: Intruder knows instantly that they are under surveillance via live voice down from the central station - not recorded.

Sounders and Strobes: If voice down does not get attention – then a very loud sounder and strobe light does.

Secure wiring: Can’t easily disconnect cameras or disable the system - no exposed wiring and wood poles.

Lighting: Visible deterrent and enables color video at night.

Weight: 2.5 ton concrete base for stability in wind, not easy to vandalize.