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Video Central Station

Smile - You're On Camguard Camera

CamGuard Video Central Stations are highly respected. Whether you need video security monitoring, escort services, alarm verification, voice down or random checking, CamGuard has protection options to suit your needs. We provide affordable, flat-rate video monitoring for as long as you need it, with options built around how you do business. Our video monitoring stations feature customized response and are CamGuard-owned, not contracted out.

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Camguard VCS Features:

• Alarm activated - provides high capture / deterrence rate

• Live voice down, strobe lights and horns to stop crime before it happens

• Video monitoring station that is CamGuard owned, not contracted out

• Customized response based on your needs including 24 hour recording on site

• Flat rate - no “per activation” charge

• Live monitoring by real technicians to help prevent crime and save you money

• Camguard is the flagship central station for DICE Matrix monitoring software, the premier video monitoring asset protection solution

CamGuard excels in providing portable, temporary and affordable video surveillance systems designed for quick set-up and reliable operation. It’s the skill of our operators’ superior monitoring procedures and software that keeps us ahead of the competition.